Hello and a very warm welcome to my website.

Here you can follow my progress from my daily tweets, blogs and video diaries, all in the build-up to the 2016 Rio Olympics and beyond.

This website will give you some understanding of what it’ll take for me to get to the top of my game. The good, the bad, the everything in between.

I started my career as a high jumper in my high school age 14. My PE teacher encouraged me to try high jump as I was the tallest in the class. I didn’t even come close to winning my first competition which put me off high jump (I’m ultra competitive and highly driven by success!), but I stuck to athletics because I liked the sport and joined Hercules Wimbledon AC. Later my best friend introduced me to Discus who described them as ‘plates’. I had a go in a small group, beat everyone, never looked back. I have since changed clubs and have competed for Sutton AC and now my current club, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers.

I have been ranked the UK number 1 Discus thrower since 2011 and ranked inside the top 3 since 2009. I am the 2009 European U23 Bronze medallist, a 2010 Commonwealth finalist and 3 time UK Champion. 2014 saw the arrival of the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Here I progressed and reached my goal thus becoming Commonwealth Bronze medallist. I had a great start to this year setting a new English record at 65.10m while in Australia and have been competing regularly in the Diamond League, with a best finish of 3rd at the London Anniversary Games.  At the European Championships in Amsterdam, I produced the best performance ever by a British thrower.  I am also proud to have achieved a lifetime ambition in August becoming an Olympian and competing at the Rio Olympic Games.

I have to thank GDM Hosting who have made this website possible for me, I would also like to thank Bridgeham Clinic who have kept me in one piece for training and competition. I am very thankful for the help I have received from these guys over the years and appreciate the support they continue to show me.

So pleased to announce a new merge!

A new addition to the team is The Real Gym aka TRG in Chessington. TRG have some of the best equipment on the current market and I am very privileged to have them on board.


Thanks for visiting my site, keep checking back!



Date of Birth – March 1987

Hometown – Mitcham, Surrey

Current town – Morden, Surrey

Event – Discus, PB 65.10m

English Record Holder

My first memories of athletics were in my middle school and high school, doing and winning a lot of high jump. My teacher Mr. Pritchard at my high school, asked me to take part in a ‘Borough’ schools competition. I did high jump because I was the tallest but unfortunately I didn’t do too well. He had sparked an interest in the sport though and joined Hercules Wimbledon AC with my best friend Maureen. I started competing the following year when I was 14yrs old. I first got into Discus throwing when Maureen described that she threw a small ‘plate’ thing at school. We found them in the store cupboard, had a go and I beat everyone in the group. So I stuck to it. I did all throwing events with Maureen, with the occasional long jump, triple jump and high jump and also 4x100m relay. I left Hercules to join Sutton AC in a bid for higher competition. After a few years, I left there and joined my current club, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers.

I wouldn’t say I was a particularly good Junior. I met my current coach in 2003 when I was spotted at a league competition. I made my first AAA’s in 2003 and came 8th. My first English Schools were in 2004 in Gateshead where I finished 6th.  2005 was my final year for English Schools, here I finished 7th.

Jade Lally - Gateshead 2013

My first International was Loughborough International in 2006. This was my first GB vest and the only won I earned as a junior. In 2008 I went to my first competition abroad to Croatia and represented England. The following year I went to my first Championships and came away with a European U23 Bronze medal and a new PB. 2010 saw my first Senior Championships, the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Here I finished 6th.


was a disappointing year for me in both my personal life and in my athletic career. I qualified but was not selected for the London Olympics. I also unperformed at the European Championships and failed to make the final. However I felt that year will be a pivotal year in my life.


was on the whole a very good year. Although I did not PB, I signed with my current competition agent, improved my seasons average, my top 5 throws were comfortably above what I had achieved previously and I threw over 60m at the UK Champs which makes me only the 3rd British person to have done that. I also qualified for the World Championships in Moscow but unfortunately was not selected.


Breakthrough year for me! Here I qualified for my second Commonwealth Games, this time in Glasgow. I came away with a new Seasons Best performance of 60.48m and a Bronze medal- 12 years after the last English woman to medal! The downside of 2014 was finding out I more more kidney stones and required another op to have them all removed, including the partial staghorn calculi I had made in there!


Another big year, but not seemingly obvious to most. I trained in Australia with 2009 World Champ and the 2014 Commonwealth Champion Dani Samuels and Commonwealth finalist Christie Chamberlain for 6 weeks. Learned a lot about the background work for elite Discus throwing through Dani, Denis (her coach) and New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS). Upon my return to the UK, I unfortunately found out that I would need a parathyroidectomy. I discussed it with my coach and we decided to have it as soon as possible to minimise interference with our Olympic preparations- ultimately sacrificing our hopes of going to my first World Champs in Beijing. The good news is after undergoing surgery in May, I won the UK Championships 7 weeks later! Then threw over 60m again 2 days after that! In August however, I passed another kidney stone(!) and ended the season. I got the all clear soon after and officially started my winter training…for the 2016 Olympic Games 🙂


A location photoshoot with British record Holder and Champion Discus Thrower, Jade LallyI broke the English twice early in the year. It now stands at 65.10m. I went to both the Rio Olympic Games and the European Championships. The latter finishing with the highest placing by a Brit, ever. I won my 5th British title and attended every Diamond League competition during the season; my highest placing was 3rd at the London Anniversary Games. I finished inside the top 10 in the World Rankings for 2016.”


I competed at my first World Championships which were held in London. Unfortunately I was still managing a back injury so did not make the final, but I was happy with my performance and finished 19th with 57.71m. I finished ranked 26th in the World with a 62.15m throw early in the year in Sydney. I took part in the prestigious Diamond League for another year and won my 6th British Title.


Early in the season it was the Commonwealth Games in Australia. This was my 3rd Commonwealth Games but unfortunately I was injured and finished 7th.

Later in the year however, I did win my 7th British title which was a special day for me. As a result of this, I competed at the Athletics World cup where I finished in 4th place. After coming in ranked 6th, my coach and I were really pleased with this result.

Finally to finish the year off, I competed in my 3rd European Championships where I made the final for a second time.

I have dealt with a number of setbacks this year with my back but I am proud to say that I have steadily improved during the season.

My seasons best was broken 3 times, at the start, middle and end of the year. Although I didn’t throw over 60m this year- the first time since 2011 I didn’t get over the magic mark, I did come close numerous times in both training and in competition.


I am expecting my first child in the summer of 2019 so will not be competing this year. I do plan on making a comeback next year and qualifying for my second Olympic Games.

My Team:

Lead Coach – Zane Duquemin

Osteopath – Pete Marett

Physio – Gordon Bosworth

Personal Trainer

Some background info…

I have been working at Broadbroad Heath Leisure Centre in Horsham since December 2008. I started off doing Gym Inductions, Personal Training and Sports Massage. I later became a GP Referral instructor which includes writing programmes for people with physical and/or psychological difficulties, people recovering from stroke, brain injuries, returning from major surgery and so forth. I have also worked at the other end of the scale, joining forces with International sports people helping them get closer their full potential.

My main interest lies in weight training, weight lifting and strength and conditioning. I am very keen to get the girls more interested in this area of fitness and educate them on what the right type of weight training will do for them- hopefully banishing the stereotype of instantly turning into the hulk after a few squats!

News Update!

Also, I have recently become a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach!

If you have any questions or if you’re based around West Sussex or Surrey area, please do get in contact. For West Sussex, please call Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre on 01403 211311. Alternatively, use the contact page and choose your method to get in touch.


A small snippet from a session with the Breaking Habits team! Upper body, lower body, core…TICK!




Jade’s Videos

64m throw from Auckland,

New Zealand

My 64m Throw in Auckland, New Zealand!!

Behind the scenes in New Zealand

Breaking the English Record……Twice!!

2014 Commonwealth Games

Watch Jade Lally’s personal experience of Glasgow 2014, with too many cameos to mention!!

My Humps!!

Fun in the car at the San Diego WWT 2014

97.5kg bounce bench for 5

in the Gym, March 2014

Box Squat 130kg x 5

in the Gym, South Africa WWT, January 2014

Deadlift 140kg x 5

in the Gym, South Africa WWT, January 2014

Bench 90kg x 5

in the Gym, South Africa WWT, January 2014

Training Throw

South Africa WWT, January 2014

Discus Hip Drill

in the Gym, South Africa WWT, January 2014

Box Squats 120kg x 5

in the Gym, South Africa WWT, January 2014

Floor Press 65kg

in the Gym October 2013

Vaxjo 2013

Throw at Vaxjo, 55.08m

May 2011

Throwing in my field, thanks to G.B. Graham & Son.

Throwsfest – Hendon 2011

First time I threw over 60m! Hendon, 2011. 1st place

New South Wales Champs behind the scenes @ Sydney

So part 2 of my crazy three days! And another new English Record! 65.10m!

San Diego WWT, 2014

Warm weather training

San Diego 2014

165 x5 box squat

in the Gym March 2014

Box Squat Feet Off

in the Gym Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Speed Bench 60kg x 5

in the Gym Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Jerk 70kg x 5

in the Gym Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Training Throw

Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Jerk Behind Neck 50kg x 5

in the Gym Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Deadlift 130kg x 5

in the Gym Jan 2014, South Africa. WWT

Sumo Deadlift 117.5kg

in the Gym October 2013

British Championship 2013

British Female Discus Champion 13th July 2013

Hip Snatch 65kg

Hip Snatch 2013

Bedford 2012


Sponsors/ Special thanks

BridgehamClinicLogoBridgeham Clinic – I first went to Bridgeham Clinic for a back complaint that I just couldn’t shake off in 2011 and very quickly got over the problem. The pilates I have learnt there and continue to learn has benefitted my training hugely. I owe a great deal to them for my overall heath and keeping me in one piece for so long.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jade Lally.

All of the practitioners at Bridgeham Clinic have thoroughly enjoyed their input towards Jade’s goal of bettering her performance to be the best she can be.

  • Sports Specific Range of Movement tests
  • Balance and control markers
  • Osteopathic adjustments for a wonky pelvis, gripey shoulder or cricked neck
  • Oblique and Core strengthening
  • Improving flexibility and movement awareness in a group matwork pilates class
  • Discus specific strength integration exercise challenges utilising the fully equipped pilates studio
  • Deep tissue sports massage
  • A supportive ear for the journey of life’s ups and downs and encouragement to be the best you can be!

We are proud that Bridgeham Clinic continues to be part of Jade’s movement experience.

Thank you Jade for your personal recommendations and referrals to Bridgeham clinic, much appreciated. Thank you for believing in us.

We support you and wish you every success in your Discus future! We are right behind you!!! Go for Gold!!!

If you are reading this and are intrigued to come and visit us to see what we can do for you then please get in touch!

A unique combination of osteopathy and Pilates will inspire and energise you as you learn to move effortlessly, with strength, flexibility and ease.

Book a Bridgeham Health Check to unleash your body’s true potential and wherever you set your sights, Bridgeham will be with you all the way!

Your healthcare is our top priority.

See you at the clinic!

Jo and Trevor Strutt and the Bridgeham Clinic Team

I will be collaborating with The Real Gym (TRG) in Chessington!

This gym offers absolutely everything I need to get fit and strong, ready to take on the rest of the world come August 11th 2017. They have a wide range of free weights including machines, dumbbells, barbells, cross fit and a separate room for power lifting with 3 power lifting racks and 6 Olympic lifting platforms. Cardio equipment includes watt bikes, assault bikes, rowers, ski erg’s, treadmills and cross trainers. Not to mention the boxing bags, speed ball, pads and boxing ring inside the gym too! There is also a 30m long Astroturf complete with tyres, sledges, prowler and other ‘toys’, including Crossfit. I cannot emphasise enough how much I appreciate TRG joining forces with me and providing all of this in preparation for a big, successful summer! Thank you TRG!

Pass Sport Control Limited


We have been associated with Jade since she started throwing when she was 14 years old. In that time, we have had the pleasure of seeing her grow and develop both as a dedicated, committed athlete but also as a level headed individual.

By being flexible with our approach to staffing and working hours we have enjoyed being able to support Jade – allowing her coach to disappear early on a working day and to have extended time off. As a small company we like to take this same flexible approach with our customers. Adapting our working practices and processes to help meet their individual needs has been just as important.

Pass Sport Control Limited started in 2003 offering print and print management services. This has now evolved to specialising in printing plastic cards under the brand name ClubCards121. Utilising the 30 years of direct mail and data management experience, our aim is to help smaller clubs, organisations and companies the opportunity of using plastic cards within their set ups. By investing in top of the range desk top card printers, ClubCards121 can offer a very flexible and cost effective approach for producing:

  • Staff identity cards
  • Membership cards
  • Name badges
  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards
  • Discount cards
  • Licences

Whether you are in sport or business, plastic cards form some part of the organisations set up. We are here for those who only want smaller quantities or cards printed when they need them – rather than when the card printers can produce them (or charge higher fees).

As with Jade’s support team, we believe in a 1-2-1 approach to our business.

Andy Neal

Managing Director


G.B. Walker and Sons – I owe a lot to this family. They allowed me (my dad!) to build a Discus circle on their land. This has given me so many more training sessions than I could have got at leisure centres. I share this land often with animals such as sheep, llama, cows and alpaca!


GLL and the staff at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.


DanRossLogoa huge thanks to Dan for these amazing pictures! A great photographer and a true professional.  http://www.dan-ross.com/

Dan is a portrait and advertising photographer working out of London on commissions ranging from sport to fashion, and shooting for such brands as Heineken and Cadbury’s.

He is currently undertaking a range of personal projects around photographing sporting people in his own way – to show them as they are. This is a large reason Dan really wanted to get involved with helping create some great images for Jade.

Mike Hewitt – For the brilliant photos in my field.

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